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Besides the development of modular concepts, together with MB Collaborations, we focussed on teaching our design engineers how to develop modular products on their own in the future

SIG Combibloc

SIG Combibloc

Dr. Hans Scheuren, Head of R&D Equipment

If modularity is supposed to be a success it is necessary to respect it when thinking about the organization. To do this we support the customers of MB Collaborations with the newest findings of our research in the field of processes and routines.

Universität Hamburg, Chair for Organization Studies

Universität Hamburg, Chair for Organization Studies

Prof. Dr. Daniel Geiger, Head of Institut & M.A. Jan Hoekzema, Expert Organization & Process Management

By using an approach that was individually adapted for us and through the excellent cooperation with MB Collaborations we were able to integrate the concepts of modularity at an early stage of the development project. We considered not only the technical but also the strategical aspects of modularization.

SIG Combibloc

SIG Combibloc

Martin Barej, Design Engineer Handling & Transfer

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