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Modularization: learning in workshops and accompanying through E-Learning

Establishing knowledge on optimum modularization strategies and enabling successful organization through workshops and E-Learning

Independently developing and implementing long-term and sustainable concepts for modular product architectures. Many organizations have this desire. Collaboration between internal and external experts is the key to success in pursuit of this goal.

Our collaboration usually begins with a workshop on modularization – ideally in your offices. In order to firmly establish this knowledge, we support workshops and concept development with our innovative E-Learning platform, which supports integral knowledge management in your company.

Modularization Workshops

What is modularity? What are the intentions and goals of modular building blocks? What advantages does it offer your organization? Answers to these questions and the opportunity to test methods for reducing complexity are offered in our modularization workshops.

Modularization supported by E-Learning

Individualized E-Learning supports modularization, provides tailor-made knowledge transfer, and enables systematically guided application and training to implement the modular strategy in your own organization.