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Testing methods, weighing alternatives: modularization workshops with MB Collaborations

Modular systems or not? Find your answer in tailor-made modularization workshops provided in your organization

“Save time and money with modular components” - are they really an effective method for complexity reduction, or is this simply an advertising scheme?

As your partner we, at MB Collaborations, will discuss, in a preliminary modularization workshop, whether modular systems and the corresponding modularization are the right tool for your company’s current challenges. Depending on the degree of experience within your company, we will identify whether, and which parts of, complexity management might be relevant for you.

As part of interactive workshops that take place in your company or on our premises, we discuss the following topics with you in four blocks


  • Definition of modularity, complexity, and scientific background
  • Difference between standardization and modularization
  • Advantages and risks of modular systems
  • Cost-saving potential of modular product architecture

Modularization methods – practice examples and exercises

We will demonstrate, with a simple example, how to approach the topic of modularization using different methods. Practice examples and exercises ensure that the workshop is relevant and interactive. During this part of the workshop, we will first examine each aspect and then actively apply them.

Application to the products of your company

In the third part of the workshop, we discuss how the learned methods can be applied to products in your company. We analyze parts of a selected product from your company, for example, by looking at real catalogs, analyzing and disassembling components, and then applying our methodology to them.

Assessment of the results and performance of our methodology

At the end of the workshop we look together at which methods work for your organization and goals, in how far they have to be adapted, and how MB Collaborations can support you when creating modular systems in the future.

If you are interested in learning how you can maximize the use of our workshops, check out our blog article.

First introduction to modularity and industry exchange in modularization workshops

In addition to the tailor-made in-house workshops described above, we offer workshops that highlight the topic of modularity with participants from various organizations and industries. These workshops are suitable for those who wish to gain an initial, small-scale overview. They engage lively exchanges with representatives of other industries, which provide new momentum and helpful food for thought from companies that are in similar situations.

Find out here why it is often not enough to send just one development engineer to such workshops in our blog

What modularization workshops by MB Collaborations can achieve at a glance

  • You will gain a general understanding of modularity and complexity and learn the advantages and risks
  • You will understand where the complexity comes from and how you can use modularization
  • You will understand which processes and methods are right for you
  • You will be able to assess the relevance and potential for your company
  • You will internalize the information using practice examples with your own products
  • You will find out if and how such a process might be established within your company
  • You can incorporate your employees from the beginning and actively involve them
  • You will understand how other companies handle this topic.

Are yout interested in our modularization workshops? Feel free to contact us.