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In the following you will find selected references of automotives for the topics modular products, module sets, standardization and product-platforms.

Development of a common product structure for a global OEM alliance

Customer: a global OEM alliance

Our customer is a global automotive OEM alliance under the joint leadership of a French and Japanese OEM (original equipment manufacturer). The product under consideration was a new platform for small and medium sized cars.

Initial situation: standardization strategies with varying objectives, a multitude of different product structures

Within the new product platform for small and medium sized cars of a global OEM several product lines, which had previously been developed separately, were combined. For these former individual product lines different product structures, which also differed from department to department, existed.

Several standardization strategies had already been put into place, but these had been implemented in an uncoordinated manner and with different objectives. In combination with the multitude of different product structures, the success of these standardization strategies was hardly measurable.

In addition to the very diverse description of parts variants, the description of the vehicle variants changed from phase to phase in the life cycle. This made the assignment of module variants to the appropriate vehicle variants very difficult.

Approach: Developing a product-line-wide product structure and classification system with consistent descriptions

In a series of workshops, the various levels of a product-line-wide product structure were developed. In this product structure, a very clear management of the elements associated with the different standardization strategies was defined. A classification system, which now allows a consistent description of vehicle and part variants, was developed.

Results: coordinated development and documentation, monitoring of standardization and measuring success

The main achievement of the project was the common product structure, which forms the basis for a coordinated development and documentation. The associated classification system allows a unique assignment of part variants to vehicle variants. Furthermore, the consideration of the standardization strategies in the product structure now allows monitoring these strategies and measuring the success.

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