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Organization + processes: Optimization of your complexity management

Complexity management in a fast, modern world

Background: The world has changed and has made complexity management essential for many manufacturing companies. The world used to be simpler and more static. Processes worked because one step after another could be taken.

Nowadays, most companies are active in a global environment which is constantly changing while also becoming increasingly complex. Some processes and methods which were successfully used 20 years ago have now lost their effectiveness.

That is where we come in order to support you in complexity management. Just remember how you learned how to ride a bike: Nobody gave you a manual which told you what steps to take when and nobody sat down with you in order to learn these steps by heart. Rather, there was someone who put you on the bike and ran by your side as you started to ride. Our work is quite similar to this: We bring our knowledge, our experience and various tools to you and put you on the bike in order to observe what you do, how you do it and what you are already able to do. We will then proceed to increase your strengths and overcome your weaknesses - until you can ride a bike on your own.

Our methodology for complexity management: Organizational anchoring instead of process adjustment

If your company operates within a simple environment, we will gladly support you in adjusting your processes. However, the following applies: The more complex the product and the environment are, the less likely it is that processes will continue to function properly. Instead, resources of knowledge are the deciding factor. Experts within your organization have specific knowledge and certain talents. Together with you, we will identify these talents who will support the change to an organization developing modular products.

In doing so, we employ proven types of approach and customize them to your needs.

Linking internal knowledge carriers and processes for successful complexity management

External consulting companies generally work differently: They develop concepts on their own in order to supposedly help an organization. The basic foundation is that the organization and its employees do not have the required knowledge resources. These externally developed concepts are then placed over the company’s processes - but unfortunately not permanently anchored within the company.

As our name, MB Collaborations, already states: we work differently. We believe that the required knowledge is already present in each organization. We will support you in the process of identifying this knowledge within your organization. An integral part of our collaborative approach is strong internal and external cooperation during the development and implementation of modularization concepts.

We ensure that the internal knowledge required for implementing modular product architectures is activated and that external methodology expertise is anchored within the company from the very beginning.

Furthermore, it is crucial to apply the existing expertise. Our goal: Joining methodology expertise with the abilities and talents of your employees and using this combination for the development of modular building blocks. This way, you can use us as external experts in order to create internal experts and employees who can apply their knowledge.

From an organizational perspective, internal modularization experts have to be established. Important: The responsibilities have to match your modularization strategy. On the other hand, the measurable goals for individuals as well as for the entire company have to be scrutinized in combination with the modularization strategy.

Understanding the correlation between process, organization and product will enable a long-term change towards the development of modular products and towards successful complexity management.

What makes MB Collaborations different from other complexity management providers

We are different in that we will identity and train successful knowledge carriers within your company.

We will:

  • activate existing expertise
  • identify and train users in order to facilitate the creation of a new way of thinking inside your company
  • make sure that the organizational structure and the processes are compatible.

For sustainable complexity management that works for you.