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Developing modular systems in collaboration – Successfully reducing complexity

Sustainable implementation right from the start: Collaboration is the new consulting

Together with you, we at MB Collaborations will find and follow the suitable to developing your modular system to achieve your individual goals and to sustainably reduce complexity. For this, we will provide the necessary competency and a wide range of methodological knowledge. We can select the suitable process for you thanks to our independence and objectivity towards various types of modularization methods.

Only a joint implementation will enable us to motivate all employees and sustainably integrate the changes and the new knowledge into your company. Partners for successful modular systems.


Modular systems due to numerous product variants

Increasing variety, growing complexity costs with simultaneous higher cost pressure, new technologies: The development of complex products with several variants poses a serious challenge and makes a targeted strategy for modularization indispensable.

We offer more than a decade of experience in complexity management and developing modular products, in machine and plant construction,in aeronautics, in the automotive industry, as well as railway vehicle technology.

What we do

Functionality & Advantages

Learn how a modular system works and what advantages can be realized through modularization for your company. Key benefits are complexity reduction through standardization, reduction of development cost as well as shortened development times.

Get an overview in this short video:

Developing modular systems

Find out about the necessary steps and the sequence to develop a modular system. Developing a common goal set, performing a potfolio analysis, defining the module cut and optimizing the variety of the individual modules...

This short video gives you an overview of the 5 steps to develop a modular system:

Enabling organizations

Next to the development of a modular system its maintenance poses in additional challenge. Your organization has to learn the skills necessary for this new style of development but furthermore your processes and your organization have to support it. The final steps may be the selection of the right configuration software and/or specialized variant and complexity management software. These, however, can only be successful if they are a match with your organization, its development and modularization approach as well as its goal set.

References & Cases

Find out about cases of companies which have developed modular systems. Read about their motivations to switch to modular development, the challenges they have faced and the benefits they could realize through modularization. Find out how modularization is implemented in different industries - machine and plant engineering, modular systems for medical technology, standardization for aviation or modular systems for automotive.