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Modularization projects supported by E-Learning

Learn when and where you need it: support modular product development with E-Learning

How do you keep modularity running after developing a new, modular product family - while not overloading internal experts or slowing down work processes? How should new colleagues, who also work in the project, develop a basic understanding of the topic within a very short time frame? What if the core project team is still lacking years of expertise and the new methods have yet to be internalized?

The E-Learning platform offer from MB Collaborations supports modularization and standardization projects, as well as variant and complexity management in your organization. Thanks to a specially developed platform, which can be integrated into your company’s own software landscape or used independently, your internal experts won’t be the only interface for information.

Challenges: conveying modularity through E-Learning

For a complex and individual topic like modular product development, E-Learning can be a big challenge. Modularization, variant, and complexity management are too intricate to have a single solution for all organization and all employees within one package. Different information is needed for different levels. The managers need to be informed and the engineers trained. Purchasing, marketing, development, and service departments must also be involved in various ways. In addition, every company works and implements modularization differently.

Thus, for the E-Learning in the field of modularization, one of the biggest challenges is to prepare the content in such a way that your employees will understand everything and, at the same time, will be motivated to work with the E-Learning tool until the end.

Individualized E-Learning from MB Collaborations

To respond to these challenges in our modularization project, we, from MB Collaborations, have divided the content into several different levels and have adapted it for different employees. In this way, every user will have the exact knowledge that they need, contributing significantly to motivation in learning. The first level contains general information to form a common understanding. In this level, your employees will find, for example, a video explanation “What is modularity?”. The second level gives employees an overview of the procedures and methods: What methods are there for modularization and variant optimization, and how are they used? Level three explains, in detail, how to apply each method. Here we provide explanatory videos along with tutorials and exercises.

We, from MB Collaborations, know that E-Learning must be customized for each individual customer and that organization-specific aspects have to be considered. Only then will your employees be able to support the implementation of your modularization strategy. Every organization pursues different goals through modularization, variant or complexity management with different approaches to the development process. Thus, we created E-Learning content with customer-specific examples that relate to your modular strategy. Our tutorials are built with the daily work environment, existing software, processes, methods, and tools in mind. This facilitates one-on-one implementation in your organization.

For your employees to really use and benefit from the E-Learning tool we know that interactivity, possibilities for feedback and fun are a must! Animated PowerPoint presentations are not enough. We prepare specific content and select tasks – accompanied by videos, exercises, and options to upload files to, or download files from the platform – that will help your employees achieve the best possible learning outcomes. The two-way feedback capabilities and integrated game play mechanisms provide incentives for your employees to actively participate while learning.

E-Learning from MB Collaborations at a glance

  • E-Learning saves costs
  • Content, created once, specifically for your needs, is flexible and always available
  • New employees can quickly acquire important internal knowledge with little effort
  • E-Learning to support modularization projects is flexible
  • Employees can access content anywhere, anytime
  • E-Learning for modularization goes beyond simple knowledge management by utilizing learning content
  • E-Learning from MB Collaborations helps to widely communicate the themes throughout the organization, quickly involving and empowering employees in the process
  • The system-independent platform can be brought in new or you can easily integrate our content into your existing platforms

Interested in modularization, variant management, and complexity management with the help of E-Learning? If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or check out our blog.