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Complexity reduction - in the company, with the company, from the inside out

Celebrating our 25 year anniversary

2021 is a special year for us at Modular Management as we celebrate 25 years of serving clients across the globe while mastering product complexity and accelerating business performance. We are enabled by our unique expertise, methods, and tools for Strategic Product Architecting and Modularity. We have become a strategic provider of consulting services and software at many of the world’s most renowned companies and serve these clients around the globe through our offices in the USA, Germany, Japan, and Finland. Take a look at this video to find out about some of the highlights:

The challenge: increased complexity due to growing product variance

Fact: Many companies would like to practice complexity reduction. However, in many cases, their customers require individual products. Organizations satisfy these demands by increasing their product variety and the number of variants. The problem: Frequently, the new development of one variant is not coordinated with that of another. Growing product variance will increase the complexity costs within the company. Development and modification efforts increase, reaction times get longer and the capacities for innovation and new developments shrink. Engineers are busier with maintenance and upkeep of their projects than with the development of new products. Facts which negatively affect your competitiveness.

We at MB Collaborations are experts for complexity management and can share our view from the outside in order to decide on the right paths towards complexity reduction together with you. The goal: retaining the external variety for customers and increasing it in the future while simultaneously minimizing the internal variety of components and processes.

Our methodology: Modularization for complexity reduction

Together with our clients, we develop solutions in order to reduce the complexity of the product variants of an organization.

Complexity generally occurs because of separate considerations of external and internal variety within an organization. That means that your Sales departments offers those products to your customers which can be sold the best - regardless of the fact whether these variants already exist. This external variety, driven by the market, is offset by internal variety: Product developers are constantly working on newly creating requested product variants in order to fulfill client wishes. Production processes are similar to those of a factory so that the new developments for customers can be achieved as quickly as possible. For international companies, these processes occur worldwide since the products are being sold in all small and large markets thanks to globalization. The result: the overview gets lost.

For complexity reduction, we take the internal perspective into consideration: We look at the hierarchy of the company, the components, the organizational structure as well as the internal processes. At the same time, we listen closely to the employees. That is how we understand the individual challenges in detail with which your company is faced. We will support you in activating and linking existing internal knowledge for modular product development.

On the basis of this know-how, we will develop a modular product architecture together with you - individually customized to your organization and to your specific requirements. While doing so, we believe in partnership: As experts for complexity management, we will accompany your company long-term - from the first portfolio analysis to the implementation of a modular product architecture. As a result, your employees will actively contribute to complexity reduction and the use of optimization potential and can take on this role themselves in the future - without external support.

We will support you with the following services:

We look at:

Variety in methods and IT tools: Selection of the right tools for complexity reduction according to your needs

Complex does not always equal complex. Each organization is unique. That is something we take into consideration during our processes. At MB Collaborations, we have extensive methodological knowledge and overview of the possible IT tools on the market which we - in collaboration with our external partners - may use to achieve complexity reduction in your company.

As independent experts, we are able to recommend the method and IT tool which is best suitable for you.

MB Collaborations: Your experts for complexity management

As founders of MB Collaborations, we combine expertise in complexity management with technical know-how and a decade of experience in complexity reduction.

Markus Lotz

Markus Lotz

Managing DIrector Modular Management Deutschland

Before taking over the management of Modular Management Deutschland GmbH in 2014 Markus Lotz had the position of VP Technology at Pall Corporation. From 1998-2014 he worked as an engineer in different management positions in the filter system industry.

His success in the industry is based on his studies of food technologies at the TU München-Weihenstephan and his consequent doctorate at the Institute for brewing and packaging technology at the TU Münschen-Weihenstephan.

Daniel Mund

Daniel Mund

Founder MB Collaborations & Senior Vice President at Modular Management:

“In many cases, complexity has increased with time. We will identify and follow possible strategies for complexity reduction together with you, so that you do not become overwhelmed by complexity. We place great emphasis on long-term and sustainable anchoring within your company. When we leave your company, the processes we jointly created will be proven standards for your employees.”

Before founding MB Collaborations in 2015, Daniel Mund worked for the P3 Group for six years, creating the field of complexity management while managing and implementing various projects in this area within different industries (machine and plant construction, aeronautics, automotive industry). Apart from developing modular concepts, he focused on the empowerment of organizations to develop modular products themselves.

Previously, Daniel Mund, who holds a degree as a Business Engineer from the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg with a Master in “Quality and Operations Management” from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, worked within the aeronautics industry.

Ingo Boegemann

Founder MB Collaborations & Senior Modularization Advisor at Modular Management:

“Market and technology are frequently viewed separately. It is part of our task to bring together the responsible departments, including Sales and Marketing as well as Product Development and Engineering, and their respective expertise. Together, we can identify optimization potential in order to improve together.”

Ingo BoegemannDaniel Mund

In 2012, Ingo Bögemann started his consulting career with the P3 Group where he met Daniel Mund. Bögemann, who holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, focused on the topic of modular product development during research and project work at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg and at the University of California - Berkeley.

At P3, he continued to specialize in modularization, variant management and complexity reduction for various industries, among them aeronautics, the automotive industry as well as machine and plant construction. His focal points are especially all technical and constructional aspects of modular product development.